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The following Violations were addressed in 2018:

Parking on the street- Please be courteous to your neighbors by not

parking on the street for long durations. Doing so impedes traffic and

could potentially be a safety hazard should an emergency vehicle need

to pass.

Speeding- Speeding is not only a danger to the driver, but it is also a

danger to the neighborhood. Please be mindful of your speed as you

drive through our community.

Pets- Try at all times to keep your pets on a leash or in a fence. It is

dangerous for the pet to run around the neighborhood and it can be a

nuisance to others. Remember, if your pet hurts someone, you could

potentially be facing a lawsuit.

In the event that you have a problem with your neighbor violating any

rules, please discuss it with them in a polite, neighborly fashion. If the

situation continues or becomes worse, please submit your concern

through the website and someone will address the issue as quickly as


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